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Intranet based DNC

RadviewDNC provides the machine tool operator with the ability to view detailed drawings, nests of components, work instructions and to feed programs to the machine tool with speed and efficiency. RadviewDNC enables machine tools to be used as effectively as possible and gives the operator information needed to manufacture to a current production schedule.

Features at a glance:

  • Production resource usage data
  • Simple CNC program loading
  • Robust technology
  • Remote and multi-site operation
  • Company wide access to Radraft drawings to improve productivity
  • Exploits existing corporate network infrastructure
  • Paperless, straightforward, effective and secure control of drawing distribution

Tailored data

Data can be individually tailored to meet current production requirements. Each operator can be provided with information to ensure that production targets are met. Implementation and training is at a minimum, with standard Radview menus, user friendly functions and ergonomic screen.

The availability of CNC programs for current production demands ensures that outstanding orders are met. Strict controls ensure that only approved work is carried out so as to make maximum use of all manufacturing resources and with errors and waste reduced to an absolute minimum.

RadviewDNC is very flexible and there are many options to the way machine tools may be connected to the CNC programming system. All company standards can be enforced and each machine tool operator can receive optimum information.

The installation can be easily enhanced and modified so that any future growth in the production facilities may be readily incorporated. When required, the system can provide CNC programs to remote sites on tape or disc or by networking.