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Fast, accurate quotations for sheet metal components and assemblies

eQuote has been developed specifically for the sheet metal industry by RADAN for the fast efficient quoting of sheet metal parts and assemblies. Utilising 2D or 3D data combined with RADAN’s knowledge of your machine tool and nesting capabilities allows eQuote to quickly arrive at accurate costs.

Features at a glance:

  • Quote from CAD data to leverage CAM data for costing
  • Powerful operation modeller to ensure consistent cost estimates across all operations
  • Allow anyone to prepare accurate quotations freeing estimators to concentrate on more complex opportunities
  • Quote nested geometry for better sheet utilisation and more competitive quotes
  • Attach associated documents, drawings and files so that you remain in control
  • Security built in with account controls 

Efficient use of stored knowledge

The subcontract sheet metal environment is amongst the fastest changing and demanding in modern manufacturing, clients expect their parts to be delivered in two days and quoted in two hours, anything less and the work goes elsewhere. eQuote uses your customers geometry, the RADAN CAM system and a database of additional operations to arrive at part costs quickly, effectively and accurately.

Consistent costing

The estimation engine within eQuote utilises a comprehensive operation modeller, this in conjunction with the CAD/CAM data allows the use of synthetic data for calculations relating to almost any part property, for example; from CAD data we can see that the component has four bends, we also know the size, material, thickness and weight, using this information we can very accurately estimate a time to bend the component and can accurately add handling time and additional labour if required based on the components physical properties.

Geometry based quotations

Traditional MRP systems and quotation systems do not easily cope with the use of sheet materials, especially where components are nested together. eQuote can reuse the CAD data that generated the costing during the quotation by sending the geometry back to the RADAN nesting module with a list of materials, the system will calculate the best sheet utilisation to produce a quantity of similar items or batches of dissimilar items from different materials.